Guardian Masterclasses Data Visualisation

Great class and opportunity to learn from the experts.  Housed in the creatively designed London offices of the Guardian.  A great set of hand-outs, excellent material and interactive group tasks that get you talking to people across industries.

Why not book a place now?  Next two advertised slots are the 14th March 2015 and 11th April 2015

I attended this course last year and would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about infographics regardless of what sector you come from.  The room was filled with an exhilarating mix of developers, journalists, writers, graphic designers and researchers – an inspiring infusion of creatives, techies and academics.

The day including interesting discussions around the contrasting approaches of Edward Tufte and David McCandless.  Being a scientist I am naturally drawn towards the evidence based approach of Tufte, however I am equally drawn towards the exciting visuals of McCandless.