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How a video game going viral can help cure cancer

Spaceships, meteorites, microarray data and cancer. Not words you would normally associate with the same paragraph let alone the same sentence. This is the game that you will be encouraging your kids to play.Genes in space

Cancer Research has released a game that will help to fight the battle against cancer. As the slogan states – “Play To Cure”. Genes In Space is fun for all the family to play. After downloading the App on to my iPad and trying it out myself, I decided to share the fun with my 3 nephews and niece. When I explained to them that as they were playing they were helping to find a cure for cancer, their faces lit up.

As you fly your spaceship through the trail of “Element Alpha” you are helping to spot trends in microarray data and uncover patterns in genetic information from thousands of tumours. For more information see the recent Cancer Research Science Blog article and the download the app today to get involved in this galactic adventure