We aim to provide an individually tailored informatics consultancy service to suit your needs, whether you are a small start up, medium or large company. We offer a strong combination of data capture, retrieval and analysis skills - essential to creating a smooth transition from your raw data to answers.

Our informatics excellence ensures we are able to offer effective and creative solutions within any sector. In addition, with an enhanced specialism in science, we are able to make a positive impact on drug discovery research in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

We thrive on enabling clients to fully discover the knowledge hidden within their data, which leads to making better decisions, faster.

Creativity can aid understanding and we constantly look to invent and develop innovative data analysis visualisations. These can be used to allow data from disparate sources to be accessible in novel ways to staff within often multidisciplinary organisations.


Director and CEO Dr Linda Hirons BSc, MSc, PhD

Having worked in Informatics for over 10 years, Linda founded Amethyst Informatics Limited in 2012. She continually updates her skills by attending courses and seminars, whilst exploring future-technology concepts which could hold the keys to enabling improved data analysis and visualisation in this world of ever increasing data volume.

Amethyst has worked with a mixture of clients (small start-ups, larger pharma, contract research organisations, software companies and universities) on a variety of projects (for example setting up customised data analysis workflows or writing detailed reports on current business processes).

Linda attained a BSc in Chemistry from Surrey University and went on to Sheffield University to do an MSc in Cheminformatics and a PhD looking at activity fingerprints in DNA. She was then a Post Doc at Lilly, using the KNIME pipelining technology to develop an inverse structure-based design tool. Linda then moved to the Oxford Biotech, Prosidion, where she held the position of Senior Scientist.

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